When I was a child, my Aunt used to make me and my family the most beautiful granny square blankets. I was always so amazed by how she made something so large with her hands. And of course by all the colors! So you can imagine how happy I am to see the granny stitch coming back in style again!.

I thought a mug cozy would be a great introduction to this classic stitch, if you’ve never worked with it before. Plus it is a satisfyingly quick make even if you change colors on every row. I hope you enjoy making these and that they bring a bit of nostalgia to you as well while you are sipping your hot beverage of choice!

So what is the ”Granny Stitch”?

Basically the ”Granny Stitch” is clusters of 3 DC’s that are worked into the space between two clusters in the Row or Round below. Because of this it makes this stitch very quick and is perfect for striping.

Features of My Mug Cozies….

Like my other Mug Cozy Patterns, the bottom of the mug will be completely covered acting as a coaster as well. it also features an opening for the handle and the cozy is secured with a button and loop connecting one side to the other.

The ”Bee Sweet” patches can be found in our Etsy Shop.

More from the Retro Granny Stitch line….

The Retro Granny Stitch Pouch Cover uses a canvas zipper pouch as the lining that you can sew on or glue.

So, let’s get started!


  • 5.5mm / I Hook
  • Worsted weight yarn in a variety of colors
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors
  • ¾” – 1” buttons. I used these.
  • 2” Patch or applique (optional)

Stitches / key:

  • CH -Chain
  • SP – Space
  • SLST- Slip Stitch
  • SK – skip
  • SC – Single Crochet
  • DC – Double Crochet

Written in Standard US Crochet Terms

Required Skills:

Advanced Beginner Level

While this pattern teaches you how to create this mug cozy with the materials and instructions provided, it does not teach you how to crochet the stitches or sew. Here are the skills and stitches you will need to complete this pattern.

  • Basic crochet stitches that are listed in the Pattern Key above (Chain, SC, DC, SLST). As well as joining and fastening off your work.
  • Crocheting in joined rounds and working in rows.
  • Basic sewing skills for the button or optional patch.

There is no video tutorial for this pattern. But, if you need help with the stitches and techniques before starting, there is tons of video stitch tutorials on YouTube.

And of course, feel free to contact me here on my blog or by email at kathyskozies@gmail.com

Please be sure to read through the entire pattern first to avoid any confusion!

You can purchase the PDF here on Etsy. It includes step by step pictorials as well as a printer friendly text only version.

Sizing / Guage:

After Round 2, it will measure approximately 3.75-4 inches across using the hook specified. See Pattern notes on making the cozy wider.

Pattern Notes:

  • It is not recommended to start with a magic ring on this project because of the number of starting stitches.

  • The mug cozy starts in Rounds, then switches to Rows then ends with a Round.

  • CH3 counts as DC throughout the pattern.

  • There are two suggestions for switching colors explained in the pattern.

  • For a wider, more giving cozy add CH1 or CH2 in between the granny clusters.  This will allow the cozy to fit wider mugs if needed.


The instructions below in Italics are only if you are NOT changing colors. If you are changing colors, fasten off after each round and attach to the next CH1 space. This does not pertain to Rows 4-9.

CH4 and join to first CH to form a ring.

Round 1: CH3, 2DC, CH 1, *3DC, CH 1*, repeat from * to * 3 more times. Join to the top of CH3. (20 st or 5 clusters + 5CH)

Round 2: SLST in next 2 DC, SLST in CH1 SP, (CH3, 2DC, CH1, 3DC in same SP), *3DC, CH1, 3DC in next CH1 SP* repeat from * to * 3 times. Join to top of CH3 (35 ST or 10 clusters + 5

Row 3: SLST in next 2 DC, SLST in CH1 SP, CH3, 2DC in first space, 3DC in next eight spaces (CH1 spaces and spaces between clusters. CH3, turn. (27DC or 9 clusters)

****There will be one space left (two clusters) unworked in Round 2. This is the space for the handle.

(Row 3 complete)

When proceeding with the remaining rows and you are changing colors after each row, you have two options…

  1. You can fasten off then attach the new color for the next row.
  2. You can change colors in the last stitch, don’t fasten off.  Then when its time to use that color again, carry it up the side. The edges will be covered with SC’s at the end any way.  This is the method I am using in the examples and works well with an odd number of colors.

Row 4: 3DC in each space across, DC in last DC (top of CH3). CH3 turn. (26 DC or 8 clusters+2DC)

Row 5: 2DC in first space, 3DC in each remaining spaces. CH3, turn (27DC or 9 clusters)

Rows 6-8 Repeat Rows 4 & 5, ending with Row 4. OR if you want a taller cozy continue until you have your desired height. At the end of Round 8 (or last round), CH1 and turn.

You will now work in a round again.  This final Round makes the button loop and edging around the opening for the handle.

Round 9 (or final round): SC in each stitch across. CH14, SLST in to middle of last SC made (button loop made), now SC evenly down the side (making 2 SC in the CH3 spaces and 1 SC in the sides of the DC’s) when you get to the opening, SC in the middle 4 stitches, then SC evenly up the opposite side using the same technique as the first side. Join to first SC. Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing on your button.

** Inside look at carrying up the ends while crocheting the last round**

Sew the button on the opposite side of the opening from the loop.

If using an applique or a patch, I suggest folding your cozy in half like shown.  It can be on the button side or not.  If you are selling the cozies, it is easier to package and market them with the patch on one of the sides like this.  Another option would be to center it opposite the opening.

Back Stitch tutorial for sewing on a patch can be found here on my Instagram.

Tester Love….

Here are some of the beautiful cozies that my testers made to inspire you!

I absolutely love the retro color scheme that Elizabeth used!

This rainbow retro beauty was made by Elizabeth of MEP Handmade. Elizabeth designs patterns herself, and make beautiful modern crochet pieces. You can find her patterns and finished pieces in her Etsy Shop.

Christi of Hugs An Stitches went with another classic combo! And I absolutely love that it matches her cabin. Christi knits and crochets anything from cozies and plushies to hats and bags. Her Etsy Shop is a must see!

My friend Rachel of Warming The Heart did what she does best, and gave this cozy a warm beachy feel! Rachel is one half of the duo behind Warming The Heart. Her and her partner Rebekah design patterns as well as sell their finished pieces in their Etsy Shop. You can follow them here on Instagram.

I love what Carrie of Crazy Cat Lady Creations did with this cozy! She used our bee kind patch with bright yellow yarn and it’s just fabulous! Carrie is an incredibly talented crocheter. She tests many patterns for designers. Go check her out on Instagram.

Last, but certainly not least is from my sweet friend Amanda of Amanda’s Crafts! Amanda has been testing for me for almost two years now and she never disapoints. I love how she used cotton on this cozy!. Be sure to follow her on Instagram.

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Pattern and images are Copyright ©Kathy’s Kozies, Forget-Me-Not Creations LLC. Please do not reproduce and redistribute this pattern or images in this pattern as your own. Not for commercial use.

You are welcome to sell your finished piece, but if you do, I ask that you specify Kathy’s Kozies as the original designer and provide a link back to my pattern.