Crocheted Ornament Covers are a quick and fun way to make ornaments! They take less time than most other ornaments because you can use bigger stitches and they do not need to be stuffed. They are also fun to dress up with different ribbons and ornament charms.

In 2020 I released my first Ornament pattern, The Ornament Trio Pattern. The pattern features 3 different ornament covers for plastic ball ornaments; “Classic Ornament”, “Textured Ornament” and the “Crisscrossed Ornament.” And this year I am releasing the “Classic Ornament here for free!

In the Trio Pattern, each one is starts with the same base, then you choose which ornament to make from there. Below is the base and Classic Ornament Pattern. To make the other two designs you will need to purchase the PDF here.

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Materials Needed:

  • Size I/ 5.5 mm or J/ 6mm crochet hook (See Gauge Instructions below)

  • Worsted weight yarn. I used Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn

  • Plastic Ball ornament 2.65” (6.7cm) Diameter or similar size

  • Yarn needle

  • Scissors

  • Ruler or tape measure

Pattern Key

  • CH – Chain

  • SL ST– Slip Stitch

  • SC – Single Crochet

  • HDC – Half Double Crochet

  • DC – Double Crochet

  • SK – skip

Written in Standard US Terms / Intermediate Pattern

Required Skills:

While this pattern teaches you how to create this ornament cover with the materials and instructions provided, it does not teach you how to crochet the stitches or sew. Here are the skills and stitches you will need to complete this pattern.

  • Basic crochet stitches that are listed in the Pattern Key above (Chain, HDC, DC, SLST). As well as joining and fastening off your work.
  • Crocheting in joined Rounds and working in Rows.

There is no video tutorial for this pattern. But, if you need help with the stitches and techniques before starting, there is tons of video tutorials on YouTube.

And of course, feel free to contact me here on my blog or by email at

Please be sure to read through the entire pattern first to avoid any confusion!


Gauge is important for this pattern.  Make sure your base (see pattern notes and pattern) measures 2” wide. When this pattern was tested, half needed a 5.5mm, the other half needed a 6mm to accomplish this.

Pattern Notes

  • Please read through instructions prior to starting to avoid confusion on the construction.

  • The pattern is started with a base that is worked in the Round. Then you will switch to Rows.

  • The body of the ornaments are worked in rows that are slip stitched on one side into the base.  They are closed up by slip stitching the seam.

  • When working into the chain stitches, work in the back bump. This is important to the overall seamless look of the pattern.

  • You will not be chaining at the beginning of even numbered rows (rows starting at the base of the ornament. 

  • When you SL ST into the base then turn, you will automatically skip those slip stitches and begin working into the last stitch of the previous row.


Start with the Base….

****The base should be be 2” wide when done

Round 1: 8HDC in Magic Ring. Join to first HDC (8HDC)

Round 2: CH1, 2HDC in in each around. Join to first HDC (16HDC)

Now for the Body….

After completing the base, CH 11 and continue below

Row 1: DC in 3rd CH from hook and in each CH. (9DC)

Row 2: SK the first stitch in the base where your starting ch was, SL ST in the next two stitches of the base. Turn, HDC in each DC across. CH 1, turn (2 SL ST + 9 HDC)

Row 3: DC in the back most loop furthest from you, pushing the other two loops towards you in each stitch across. (9DC)

From here on out when you SL ST Into the base, you will do so in the next two available stitches.

Row 4-15: Repeat rows 2 & 3, ending with Row 3.

At the end of Row 15, SL ST into last remaining stitch in the base, then turn inside out.

Insert hook into the top two loops of the next DC stitch, then around the post of the first DC of Row 1 – This will push the bottom two loops of the foundation chain towards the right side. Now make a SL ST. Continue in this manner to the end. When you get to the end, turn it right side out.

Now insert your ornament in to your piece. CH1, SL ST tightly into the end of each HDC row. This will cinch the top of your ornament cover right around the top. Join and fasten off. Weave In your end.

And there you go! Decorate with festive ribbon, buttons, charms!

Here is a quick pictorial of one way to add ornament charms to your ornaments.

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Pattern and images are Copyright ©Kathy’s Kozies, Forget-Me-Not Creations LLC.

Please do not reproduce and redistribute this pattern or images in this pattern as your own. Not for commercial use. You are welcome to sell your finished piece, but if you do, I ask that you specify Kathy’s Kozies as the original designer and provide a link back to my pattern.