This was my first pattern and continues to be my favorite and most popular. I started making them about 3 years before I released the pattern in 2018. They were always a hit at my spring shows!

The Carrot Treat Bag Crochet Pattern is the perfect pairing to the Egg Bunny!

In this article you will find the links to the different mods I’ve made with it over the years as well as yarn and hook suggestions that differ from the pattern.

Picture and bunnies made by @badykittyknitd

It works in many weights of yarn which is covered below. That is one of the best things about this pattern. So many different looks depending on the yarn.

Displaying these in baskets with Easter basket grass will take your displays to the next level.

And let’s not forget all the modifications to the pattern for different seasons and occasions….or just for fun!

Different Yarn Weights

Each heading below will either tell you the yarn and hook size used or where to find that information.

Worsted Weight Merino Hand Dyed Yarn:

Hand Dyed Yarn is typically a bit thinner than traditional acrylic worsted weight yarn. So these cuties came out tiny and ADORABLE! I used a 3.75mm/F hook and 7mm safety eyes.

Chunky Weight / Size 5 Yarn:

Seriously how adorable are these little chunkers? I used size 5 chunky weight yarn and a 5.5mm/I hook. Any chunky weight yarn will work here.

Faux Fur Yarn

This is one of my faves. Look how floofy and adorable these are in faux fur yarn! I have a separate blog post for these here. There you will also find tips on using faux fur yarn.

Blanket Yarn

LOOK HOW BIGGGGG!!!! They come out amazing in blanket yarn with a few alterations. These instructions can be found in the pattern.

Special thank you to HeartSprinkle for testing the Egg Bunny Pattern for me originally back in 2018 and taking this adorable pic of them!

The bow shown is the Southern Style Bow, a free pattern by Southern Day Crochet.

Picture curtesy of Krystle Joy of HeartSprinkle


The Unicorn Egg Bunny

Crochet Confetti Unicorn Bunny
The main curls are simple to make and are ab adorable addition.

Leprechaun Egg Bunny

* Instructions coming soon! *

Bumble Bun Egg Bunny

Moo Egg Bunny

Candy Corn Egg Bunny

Candy Corn Crochet Pattern
WHat do you get when an Egg Bunny falls in love with a Candy Cor? A Candy Corn Bunny of course!

Zombie Egg Bunny

Santa Egg Bunny

Reindeer Egg Bunny