I’ve been seeing so many cows recently in the crochet community. Chunky cows, little cows even strawberry cows.  I was inspired to make this udderly adorable Moo Bunny from my Egg Bunny Pattern!

The Egg Bunny Pattern was my first published pattern in 2018, and continues to be my most popular.

This moo-velous mod has a bit more pieces than normal (I know, I know, sooo moo-ch sewing) BUT it was all absolutely necessary to make him legen-dairy! OK, I’ll stop with the puns now.

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I used worsted weight acrylic for the Moo Bunny, but I think he’d be fantastic in larger weight yarns!


  • 4.5mm hook
  • Worsted weight yarn in Black, White, Beige and Brown (or of course colors of choice!)
  • 8 or 9mm safety eyes
  • Poly-fil


  • As directed in pattern in white.
  • When you place the eyes, do so 4 stitches apart.
  • Do not sew on a nose.




Round 1: 2SC in 2nd CH from hook, SC in next 3. Working on the other side of the chain, 2SC in first, SC in last 3. DO NOT Join (10)

Round 2: SC in first, 2SC in next,SC in next 3, 2SC, SC, 2SC, SC in next 3, 2SC in last (14)


Make first ear as directed in pattern in white.

Second ear:

  • Rounds 1-4: in black
  • Round 5: first stitch black, finish in white
  • Round 6-end: white


make 2

Round 1: 4SC in Magic Ring

Rounds 2-3: 4SC Fasten off.


As directed in pattern, one in black and one in white.


Round 1: 6SC in Magic Ring

Round 2: CH2, *2DC, 2SC* repeat from *to* around. (12)

Fasten off.

I added the spot on the same side as the two toned ear, but add it where ever you’d like!


As directed in pattern, but do half the wraps in black and the other half in white.


  • Attach ears as directed in pattern. I opted to have them point outward a bit rather than straight up.

  • Place and sew on horns on Rounds 13&14 (5 stitches apart on Round 13) this will be on the outer edges of the ears as shown.

  • Place and sew on mouth just under eyes starting on Round 9. Stitch on nostrils if desired.

  • Attach feet and tail as directed in the pattern.

  • Attach the spot where ever you’d like, I chose the same side as the two colored ear.

There you go! An adorable Moo Bunny for your Easter Baskets.

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