What Crocheter or any Maker for that matter, doesn’t LOVE a good pouch??? I mean I know I do, and I fee like I can never have enough!

When I first saw this trend, it was love at first sight! I mean seriously, how genius is it to use a canvas zipper pouch as the insert?

Pattern shown here is the Retro Granny Stitch Pouch Cover – Free Pattern.

The other thing I love about these is that if you are comfortable with a needle and thread (even just a little bit) you can opt to sew the cover on, which is super simple. The other option is to use glue to attach it. Easy peasy right???

Ok, lets get to it! First up is the Darcy Pouch from Jessica Lee’s Crochet. This is the first one of these pouches I saw and it was then I knew I was in love!

The Darcy Pouch Pattern by Jessica Lee’s Crochet is a great addition to your WIPs. They work up quickly and will be great sellers at upcoming markets. This pattern uses #4 weight yarn or 2 strands of #3 weight yarn held together. This pattern includes instructions on how attach a canvas zipper bag liner without using a sewing machine. WIN!

Next up is the Jessica Pouch from Darcy of Dee’s Cozy Creations. See what happened there? Darcy and Jessica are Fiber besties and have pattern lines named after each other. How awesome is that?!

This Jessica Pouch by Dee’s Cozy Creations is gorgeous and the texture is stunning! You can accheive many different looks depending on what yarn and colors you use. The pattern features the Forget Me Knot stitch, which Darcy designed herself, along with a pretty Puff Stitch.

Next up is The Meadow Pouch from Ashley of LTKCuties, which features her signature Meadow stitch.

The texture on this bag is just AMAZING! And if you love the stitch as much as I do, Ashley also has two more pouch patterns featuring this stitch and you can find all three in this bundle.

Next is a video tutorial on these Granny Square Pouches from Rebekah Haas Crochet.

In this video tutorial, Rebekah shows you how to take your basic Granny Square (you could use a fancier one of course!) and use them as a cover for a canvas pouch. Rebekah also has some great tips on gluing the pouch and seaming the squares in this video.

And finally, we have the Retro Granny Stitch Pouch from yours truly!

The Retro Granny Stitch Pouch features the Granny Stitch worked in the round. Because of the nature of the stitch, this pouch will work up very quickly. This pattern is also very easily adjusted to whichever size pouch you happen to have.