Original Post Date: 2018

These heart appliqués are super easy and beginner friendly. Typically heart appliqués are worked in the round. This one is worked in rows and is perfect if you are not yet comfortable with Magic Rings or working in the round in general.

The instructions below use a 5mm/ H hook and worsted weight yarn. But you can play with the hook size and it works well in different weights.

These work well as an appliqué on many projects including of course cozies! You can also use a smaller hook and make a pin.


  • 5.5mm / H Hook
  • Small Amounts of worsted weight yarn
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle


Row 1: Ch2, SC in 2nd CH from hook. CH 1, turn (1)

Row 2: 3SC in SC. CH 1, turn (3)

Row 3: 2SC in first, SC in next, 2SC in last. CH 1, turn (5)

Row 4: 2SC in first, SC in next 3, 2SC in last. CH 1, turn (7)

Row 5: SC in first 3, 2SC in next, SC in last 3. CH 1, turn (8)

Row 6: 2SC in first, SC in next 6, 2SC in last. CH 1, turn (10)

Row 7: Skip 2SC, 5DC in next, SL ST in between 5th and 6th SC in previous row, Skip next 2 SC, 5DC in next, SL ST to last SC.  Now SL ST down the SC rows, when you get to the point, SL ST + CH1 + SL ST, then SL ST until you get back up to the first DC in this row. Fasten off

Here are some ideas on how to use these….

Make these a pin by using an F hook and sewing a pin backing to the back. See how I make these here.

Use them on a cozy like the Adjustable Everything Cozy.

Pattern and images are Copyright ©Kathy’s Kozies, Forget-Me-Not Creations LLC.

Please do not reproduce and redistribute this pattern or images in this pattern as your own. Not for commercial use. You are welcome to sell your finished piece, but if you do, I ask that you specify Kathy’s Kozies as the original designer and provide a link back to my pattern.