It’s hard to believe that I have published 6 Easter themed crochet patterns since 2018! And it all started with the Egg Bunny Pattern.

I had been making the Egg Bunny and Carrot treat bags for years prior to publushing the patterns. They were always a best seller for me at Spring Craft Shows.

Below are links to the six patterns, a mix of paid and free patterns. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

The Egg Bunny Pattern

The one that started it all! With its Egg shaped body and adorable floppy feet and ears. Works up great in so many different types of yarns.

Carrot Treat Bag

This was my second Easter pattern and has always been a great companion to the Egg Bunny Pattern. You can fill it as is with wrapped candies or you can get plastic cone bags to fill with candy and insert it in.

This is how I would display my Easter patterns at spring craft shows. It would always draw people in!

Baby Chick Pattern

In 2018, a shop I sell at asked me to make 5 baby chicks to go along with the 5 Egg Bunnies that they ordered. I made the chicks in a traditional way in my style, a round little body, two feet and two wings to sew on, you know a lot of work for a tiny little thing. I decided after that I wouldn’t make them unless asked. Fast forward to 2020, that same shop asked me for 10 of them this time and 10 bunnies. Thinking of all those parts and all that sewing my wheels started turning until this design finally dawned on me!

These baby chicks are worked in one continuous piece. The feet are made by switching colors and using bobble stitches. They are completely NO SEW except for the beak. They are so quick and fun to make. Perfect little accompaniment to and Easter Basket.

These chicks above were made with Blanket Yarn (left) and worsted weight (right).

How cutes are these chicks made by Hugs A Stitches??? I love how she made one of the into an adult chicken!

This cutie was made by LTK Cuties in Parfait Chunky. I mean seriously, how chunky and adorable 😍.

Broken Eggshell Pattern

I made these egg shells to go with my Baby Chick Pattern. It works up super quick and is also cute on its own with some fake grass and candy in it! This pattern is also available in PDF form in my Easter Pattern Bundle on Etsy.

The Baby Chick and Egg Shell are a perfect fit!

Easter Basket Purse Pattern

Originally a paid pattern, you can now make this purse for free on my blog!

The pattern has several options including adding a ribbon round.

Egg Pouch Pattern

These pouches measure approximately 4 inches at the widest part by 5 inches high when using worsted weight yarn. When tested, some came out slightly smaller, but still comfortably fit a gift card and other small goodies.

These can be made as plain or as fancy as you wish! You can easily stripe the pattern or use pretty variegated yarn.

And if you need patches or buttons for your Easter themed makes, I got you covered there as well!