Crochet Shamrock Everything Adjustable Cozy

Everything Cozies are adjustable to fit iced drinks, coffee cups, mugs and even travel mugs. You can find the original Pattern here on my site, or here in my Etsy Shop.  This post tells you how to switch them from Sunflowers to Shamrock’s for St. Patrick’s Day!


I used Jennae's DIY Studio's easy YouTube Video and made three of her hearts.  I then sew them together to form a Shamrock for this Cozy!


  •  H hook for Cozy / F Hook for Shamrock
  • Worsted weight yarn in Green and Off White. I used Studio Classics by Nicole in Soft White and ILTY in Mild Green
  • 2 buttons for the cozy. I used these heart ones from my shop.
  • Shamrock button for the Shamrock (optional) – I used this one from my shop.
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle
  • Everything Cozy Pattern
  • Heart Pattern from Jennae's DIY Studio


Follow directions in pattern to complete the cozy minus the Sunflower Appliqué


The Shamrock is made by making 3 hearts, sewing them together, then sewing it on to the cozy.


Follow Jennae's DIY studios YouTube video for this super simple and cute pattern.  You will make 3 of them. Make sure that on one of them you leave a very long tail, you will use that to sew the hearts together, sew the button on (optional), sew it on to the cozy and finally to embroider the stem.

Sew the hearts together in the following manner.


Make sure you match up the stitches on each heart.

Now secure the button in the middle if you are using one.


Now sew the Shamrock on to the cozy.  When you get to the bottom, use three or four long stitches to create the stem.


And there you have it! These will fit so many type of cups including a pint o Guinness!


You can also make a rainbow cozy for St. Patrick’s Day, find the instructions here.

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