Easy Crochet Cord Keeper Pattern

Easy Cord Keeper

These little guys are great to have around to keep wires in check.  Use them for phone charger wires, ear buds and more! Easily adjust the pattern to make them longer or wider and use them for hairdryer cords!

This project is an excellent stash buster! I sell these at craft fairs, in coordinated sets at boutiques, and use as a thank you for a purchase.

I use a business card template in word and copy all my information in each “card” rectangle. When I’m feeling lazy and up for spending a few extra bucks lol I’ll actually use business card paper, this way there is no cutting and you just tear the cards apart. Otherwise I use card stock like above and cut them out.

I purchase small ziplocks (second photo) to put it all in. You can get a hundred or so and more per package for a few bucks at hobby lobby or Michaels in the jewelry section. And voila! Easy peasy!

 A PDF of this pattern with step by step photos may be purchased  here on my website or here in my Etsy.


F hook (Gauge is not super important here, use a larger hook, get a larger cord keeper. I prefer F or G for using this to hold small wires)

Small amounts of cotton or acrylic worsted weight yarn. I prefer cotton.

3/4”-1” Buttons - All buttons in this post were made by me and you can find them in my Etsy


Ch – chain

SC – single crochet

Pattern notes

Notes: I leave a long tail in the beginning of your foundation chain and use that  when sewing on the button. The buttons used here are made with holes big enough for worsted weight yarn and a medium sized yarn needle.

When working in the foundation chain, you will work on the wrong side or bottom loop.


Ch 13

Row 1: SC in 2nd chain from hook, SC in each chain to end. CH 1 turn (12 sc)

Row 2-4: SC in each SC (12 stitches) Do not turn on last row

For Button Loop, pivot work so the it is vertical and you are working on the short end closes to the hook.

Row 5: CH 1, SC into middle of last SC in the 4th row. CH 3, SC on opposite side into last SC of the first row. Ch 1 turn

Row 6: CH 1 SC in first SC, 3 SC in ch 3 space, SC in last SC.  Fasten off


 Weave in end by the button loop. 

Use starting end to sew on your button then weave in that end.  All done!

We’d love to see your finished Cord Keepers! Tag your photos on Instagram with @KathysKozies and use the hashtag #KathysKozies

Pattern and images are Copyright ©Kathy’s Kozies, Forget-Me-Not Creations LLC.

Please do not reproduce and redistribute this pattern or images in this pattern as your own. Not for commercial use.

You are welcome to sell your finished piece, but if you do, I ask that you specify Kathy’s Kozies as the original designer and provide a link back to my pattern.



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