Crochet Mermaid Appliqué Pattern

A few weeks ago I was getting over being sick for the second time in a little over a month. Feeling drained and unmotivated I was struggling to get my tasks done making finished items and such. I decided to challenge myself with something new and a little out of character for me. And that’s where this Mermaid Appliqué Pattern comes in!

The finished appliqué measured approximately 8”-9” tall using an F hook and worsted weight yarn. You could easily make it smaller or bigger adjusting your yarn and hook size. The most fun part of these is all the color combinations you can come up with! I found my self making so many just to see how the colors would look!

The pattern includes instructions to crochet the starfish fish that’s in her hair. You can also use starfish buttons like the ones found here.

These would look great sewn on to a tote or beach bag. Of course they would be super cute on blankets as well!

The pattern is available here on my site and here in my Etsy shop as well.

Here are a few creative ways some of my testers altered and used the pattern. 


Krystle Joy of HeartSprinkle made her applique in the likeness of her amazing mermaid drawing!

Fashionably Twisted

Robin of Fashionably Twisted put these on one of her super unique and beautiful "catchers."

Crochet Qutie

And I just LOVE how Helen of Crochet Qutie is using hers on a tote for the beach!!!! How adorable!

If you make these ladies, please share and tag me! I love to see your finished pieces.

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