Pencil Mod for the Heart Pouch Pattern

Pencil Heart Pouch

The Heart Pouch Pattern is available in my Etsy or here on my website. They are the perfect size for gift cards, candy, and small gifts.

I thought a pencil modification would be so adorable! Great for teachers gifts and even class favors.


  • H 5mm hook
  • Cotton or Acrylic Yarn in Black, Beige, Yellow, Grey and Black
  • Heart Pouch Pattern found in my Etsy or Website
  • ¾” – 1” buttons. 

Make pouch as directed in the pattern with the following color changes. You can cut the yarn after each color change except for the grey, wait until the end.

Rounds 1-2: Black

Rounds 3-4: Beige

Rounds 5-9: Black

Rounds 10-11: Grey (DO NOT fasten off!***)

Remaining Rounds: Pink

***When doing the Slip Stitches at the end, switch back to grey after the 2 bumps.

Fasten off and weave in all ends.

How perfect is my HeartSprinkle Pencil Hook with this??

And one of my favorite parts about this pattern is the seamless look! It works up in one piece and the only sewing required is for the button.

We’d love to see your heart pouches! Tag up on Instagram or Facebook at @kathyskozies / #kathyskozies

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