Seamless Color Changing In Amigurumi

This is a technique I use to avoid an abrupt look in a color change while working in the round making amigurumi. Feel free to use any method you are comfortable with!

At the end of each color, join to next stitch and fasten off.


Note that the knot you’ve made in the joining stitch creates a space on either side of it.

Join the next color off-set to where you joined.  You will join and CH1.  Then SC in next stitch.  CH1 DOES NOT count as first stitch.

When you get to the join, you will want to make a SC on either side of it.  This will off set you making that CH1.

On the 2nd SC in the join, make it in the back loop.  This will make you stitch appear more uniform.

When you get to the end of the round, continue next round in first SC and NOT CH1.

Continue as normal.  Make sure you work your first stitch of the next row tight, use a smaller hook if necessary

This is the same technique I use and is included in my Lil’ Candy Corn Pattern. I also use this in my mods for my Egg Bunny Pattern.








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