Shark Zelly Jelly

It’s no secret that the Zelly Jellyfish Pattern from HeartSprinkle is one of my favorite patterns! I’ve made so many and have loved every minute of this super fun pattern. 

This is a modification to the Zelly Jellyfish Pattern by HeartSprikle. You must purchase her pattern in order to complete this project.

• G Hook *Note – I use an H hook for the head and a G hook for the trim and tentacles, use whatever you are comfortable with.
• Worsted weight yarn in Grey, Antique White, White, Black and Red. I used all AC Moore Stitch Studio Classics
• 13mm safety eyes or whatever size you prefer
• Polyfil
• Scissors
• Yarn needle

Shark Zelly Jelly:
Make jelly as directed. When making the head, start with Grey, then switch to the antique white at Round 18.
For the trim start with white to resemble the teeth 4 stitches over from first eye. When you get 4 stitches past the other eye, switch to grey.

Leave long tail in the beginning for sewing on to your jelly.
Row 1:In MR, CH2, 7 DC in ring, pull tight but do not join. CH2 turn
Row 2: 2DC in each. CH2 turn (14 DC)
Row 3: DC in first, DC in next, repeat across. CH1 turn (21 DC)
Now fold your semi-circle in half. With your hook closer to you, CH 1. You will work Row 4 in to both the Front stitches and back stitches crocheting them together.
Row 4: 2SC in first, SC in next. Repeat across ending with 3SC is last stitch. Fasten off.
Center fin between eyes starting it on Round 3. Sew on.

For gills, knot black yarn on the bottom of the head then bring yarn up to where you want to sew the gills. When done, go back down through bottom and knot. Repeat on other side.

I did a center corkscrew in antique white.
I did a spiral in three lengths and a loopy in grey.
I filled in with thin and knotted in both grey and antique white using mostly grey.
Add 2 thin tentacles in red if desired.
There are so many variations and combos you can to with the tentacles as directed in the pattern so have fun!!

I received written permission from Krystle Joy of HeartSprinkle to publish a modification to her pattern. 

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