Crochet Unicorn Heart Pillow

Crochet Unicorn Heart Pillow


If you are like me, you have been obsessed with the Heartsprinkle Pillow Pattern by Heartsprinkle!  All of her adorable modifications (mods), and my nieces’ obsession with Unicorns inspired me to make this pillow!


What you need:


Heartsprinkle Pillow Pattern

1 ball Bernat Blanket Yarn in vintage white

Small amounts of various blanket yarn colors for the mane (the left overs from making 2 pillows are more than enough!)

Small amount of black worsted weight yarn

Chunky Yarn in gold or color of your choosing for the horn. I used I Love This Chunky in Honey.


H & J Crochet hooks

Yarn Needle


Level: Intermediate


Stitches used:


Magic Circle

Single Crochet – sc

Surface slip stitch




Make as instructed.


Stop at Row 17 – you are going to surface slip stitch the eyes as follows:


H hook


With the front facing you count up 9 rows on the right hand side.  Count 3 stitches from the middle and surface slip stitch with the black worsted yarn a sleepy eye in row 9.  With the tail that remains, sew through the middle of the slip stitches to cover up any white showing through and sew on lashes.  Do the same on the left side, but keep in mind that you will be on Row 10 instead of 9 because the heart is worked in a spiral.


Finish the heart as instructed.


Alternate – Make heart in its entirety and chain 9 with black sew on to heart in the same places as described above.  Use ends to sew on and make lashes.  This will result in a thicker eye.



Mane curls


Make 3 in colors of your choosing 


J Hook

Ch 12


3 sc in second chain from hook, 3sc in each of the remaining 10 ch. 33 sc. 


Fasten off. Weave in one end and use the other to sew to the base of the horn. 




The ears are worked in continuous rounds, do not join. 


Make 2


J Hook

Magic Circle 

Round 1 - 4 sc in circle

Round 2 - inc, 1 sc around- 6sc

Round 3 - inc in each stitch - 12sc

Round 4-5 - sc in each around- 12sc


Fasten off and leave long tail for sewing. 


Stuff beginning end into ear. Then sew the ear shut before sewing on to heart. 




Horn is worked in BACK LOOPS and in continuous rounds, do not join. 


H Hook

Magic Circle 

Round 1 - 4 sc in circle

Round 2 - inc, sc around - 6 sc

Round 3 - sc in each - 6 sc

Round 4 - sc, inc around - 9 sc

Round 5 - sc in each - 9 sc

Round 6 - 2 sc, inc around - 12 sc

Round 7 - sc in each - 12 sc

Round 8 - 3 sc, inc - 15 sc

Round 9 - sc in each - 15 sc

Round 10 - 4 sc, inc - 18 sc

Round 11 - sc in each - 18 sc


Stuff horn. 




Lay pillow flat face side up. Attach horn in between the two bumps on the face. It should cover rows 14 and up. 


Attach ears to row 17 spaced evenly on each side of horn. 


Attach mane curls to base of horn. 


And you are done!

I received written permission from KrystleJoy of Heartsprinkle to post a modification of her pattern. 

You may sell items using this pattern, but please credit HeartSprinkle and Kathy's Kozies as the designer.  Tag us on IG @heartsprinkle and @kathyskozies use the hashtags #craftwithsprinkle and #kathyskozies

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