Named the “Market” Hat Ornament because it is a super quick and easy make for markets just like my Market Pumpkin Pattern. The nature of the stitches gives it a knit look. And since there is several brim options, you can easily change up the pattern.

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Check out my market pumpkin pattern. Another quick market make!

These make great gifts and gift toppers. I can’t wait to see all of your beautiful ornaments!


  • Worsted Weight Yarn (Size 4 or a thicker size 3 will yield a nice size ornament.)

  • (Optional) – Size 5 or 6 Faux Fur Yarn for Pom

  • (Optional) – Size 4/5 velvet or chenille yarn for brim. (Any thicker will be too bulky)

  • FOR HAT: 4.5mm/G or 5mm/H or 5.5mm/I for hat. I used an H hook.

  • FOR FUR POM: 6.5mm/K hook

  • (Optional) – Small pom maker

  • Yarn needle

  • Scissors

Pattern Key

  • MR – Magic Ring

  • CH – Chain

  • SLST – Slip Stitch

  • HDC – Half Double Crochet

  • DC – Double Crochet

How to make a FPDC (Front Post Double Crochet)

Advanced Beginner / Intermediate Skill Set

There is NO video tutorial for this pattern. You will nee to know how to perform the stitches in this pattern prior to following it.

Written in English Standard US Terms


This is not super important for this project. The smaller the hook, the smaller the ornament.  Keep in mind when choosing your hook size that FPDC stitches tend to be tighter and end up being shorter than regular DC stitches. 

All that are shown made by me in this pattern were made with an H hook.

Pattern Notes

  • This pattern starts with a magic ring. If you are not comfortable with that technique, CH4 and join to form a loop. Then work your first round into that loop.

  • Note that the rounds start with CH1, not CH2. This will help minimize the appearance of a seam.

  • The velvet / chenille brim option is written with a thicker yarn in mind. For regular worsted weight, just use the contrasting brim option.

  • When joining at the end of the rounds to FPDC stitches, make sure you are joining as normal to the top of the stitch and not the post.

  • There are 4 brim options in this pattern; no brim, contrasting brim, velvet(or chenille) brim, and flip up brim. They all start the same, see prompts in the pattern to when to start the particular brim you are looking for.

Before we get started, let’s look at the different brim options!


H hook (Or hook of choice as discussed in “Gauge”)

Round 1: CH1, 10 HDC’s into a MR. Join to first. (10)

Round 2: CH1, 2DC in each HDC around. Join to first.  (20)

***The number proceeding rounds depends on the type of brim you are doing.***

Round 3 – X: CH1, FPDC in each stitch around. Join to first.  (20)

For no brim beanie, stop and fasten off at Round 9 or at length of choice.

For contrasting color brim option with the same weight yarn,  change colors at Round 7. Do the contrasting color for two more Rounds for a total of 9 Rounds.

For velvet / chenille brim option after Round 7, skip below.

For flip up brim beanie option, stop at Round 10 and skip below.

Velvet / Chenille Brim:

Worsted (size 4) or size 5 weight velvet or chenille yarn works well here.

Fasten off at Round 7. Using the SAME SIZE hook, attach the brim yarn with right side facing you.

Round 1: In next stitch from where you attached the yarn, make an HDC, then HDC in each around. Join to first (19 HDC)

Round 2: CH 1, SC in each stitch around. Fasten off. (19)

Flip up brim:

If using a contrasting color: Fasten off at Round 10 and attach yarn to the top of stitch to any stitch in Round 9 on the inside of the beanie.

If using the same color: SLST into closest top of stitch in Round 9.

Round 1: CH1, DC in same stitch and in each stitch around, join to first. (20)

Round 2: CH1, HDC in same stitch and in each stitch around, join to first. (20)

Fasten off and flip up brim.

Yarn Pom

Use any weight yarn (size 4 – 6)  for your Pom. You just need to make it small enough for the hat.

I usually use my fingers for poms this small, but if you do not have a Pom maker here is a great tutorial on how to make a Pom with cardboard.

Faux Fur Yarn Pom (Crocheted):

K Hook

Round 1: 6-8 HDC in MR. Join to first (6 – 8HDC)

Round 2-3: HDC in each (6 – 8HDC)

Stuff with ends and close up.  You can use yarn scraps or polyfil if it needs more stuffing. I suggest using worsted weight yarn to sew on to hat.

Adding Charms:

I like to use the beginning end for this, but you can also attach new yarn. You can also thread them on the loop. Loop instructions below.

Adding a Loop:

Cut a piece of yarn 8 – 10 inches in length. Loop through one side of the ornament just below the pom. If there is no pom, loop through the top. Tie knout and cut ends short. Then hide knot inside.

Weave in all remaining ends.

Other Decorating Ideas From My Testers:

Make a market hat ornament to match a hat in team colors as a gift like Christi of Hugs An Stitches did.

Add a mini feltie patch like Lisa of Pink Capricorn Crochet did.

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