If you have some of my other patterns and been following along for a while, you’ve probably noticed I’m not big on a pattern being just one thing.  When I started making this as a Sunglass Case, I quickly realized my phone fit perfectly.  Then I realized my hooks fit in it too!  Making it a very handy and versatile little case.  It evolved into something that could be customized in so many ways. Drawstring, flap, one button or two, striped or solid.  And that’s why this is called my Sunglasses Everything Pouch!

Crochet PDF Pattern Sunglasses Everything Case Pouch/ Use as a cellphone wristlet (top), a closed pouch for hooks or sunglasses (left) or a drawstring pouch (right)
With three closing options and an optional strap, this pattern is totally customizable to your liking.

Fast forward to this year, I’ve bee having so much fun making my Heart Pouch Pattern in themes i thought it was time to do this one in a fun theme! For the first one i decided on Pencil theme to go with my popular Pencil Themed Heart Pouch. There is just some about pencil colors that are both cheerful and nostalgic!

All Patches an Buttons can be found in my Etsy Shop

These would be great as a gift for your child’s favorite teacher or even for your kid for their pencils and such!

Ok, so lets get started. this transformation is pretty simple. you are simply just switching colors as outlined below. Colors can be cut and tied off after each change. You’ll need the Everything Pouch Pattern which can be purchased by clicking the buttons below.

Nameplates for your photos can be found in my Etsy Shop. They make watermarking a breeze!


• Everything Sunglasses Pouch Pattern

• Worsted weight Cotton Yarn in black, beige, yellow, grey and pink. I used I Love This Cotton from Hobby Lobby

• 2” faux leather patch (optional)

• ¾” – 1” inch buttons (optional)


Follow the instructions for the drawstring option in the pattern, making the following color changes.

Rounds 1-2: Black
Rounds 3-5: Beige
Rounds 6-19: Yellow
Rounds 20-21: Grey
Rounds 22-end: Pink

If adding a patch, do so as directed in the pattern.

This crocheted pouch fits a 2 by 2 inch patch.
Button embellishments on the drawstring add a special touch

Make the drawstring as directed in the pattern. If adding buttons to the tails be sure to leave a longer tail on each end. And I also suggest weaving the drawstring through the loops first.

This pouch appears seamless on both sides!

Adding Buttons to the tails of the drawstring:

  • Start on one end by threading the tail through the holes so that the ends are on the back of the button.

  • Make a double knot ensuring that it is as close to the first chain as possible.

  • take a smaller piece and thread it through the know you just made and douvle knit that as well.

  • Trim all three strands.

  • Repeat the above 4 steps for the other side.

And there you go!

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Pattern and images are Copyright ©Kathy’s Kozies, Forget-Me-Not Creations LLC.

Please do not reproduce and redistribute this pattern or images in this pattern as your own. Not for commercial use. You are welcome to sell your finished piece, but if you do, I ask that you specify Kathy’s Kozies as the original designer and provide a link back to my pattern.